May 2023

Verizon Up Relaunches Without the Old Fun


As weird as this is going to sound, Verizon Up was at one point a fun little program because it gave Verizon customers a regular dose of free stuff. Assuming you were willing to allow Verizon to track all the things, you could get free device cash each month to spend on future hardware, free tickets to movies, free Starbucks, Amazon money, you name it.

But as is the case with almost all good things in this industry, Verizon killed it. In March of this year, Verizon announced that Verizon Up as we knew it was winding down, all of the device dollars you had accumulated would be going away, and the monthly reward program was done. They announced the end of Verizon Up because they planned to bring it back in some form.

Well, the new Verizon Up is here.

Emails announcing the new Verizon Up have been going out for the past week or so and the email talks a big game that (unfortunately) doesn’t match with reality. The biggest claim is right upfront and it says that they “kept what you love and added even more.” Since the monthly freebies and device dollars aren’t here, I can’t say that they’ve kept what any of us loved. I’m also not sure they’ve added anything new.

At the moment, with the program seeing its opening launch, which you would typically think would be the best display of what the program can be, I’m left underwhelmed. Here are the “featured offers” I’ve been given:

New Verizon Up Offers

The donation option to Make A Wish is cool, but the rest? Tea is cool. A magazine subscription in 2022? OK. Pokemon Go is solid, assuming you still play. Then what? Sure, these are offers, but again, the reason anyone came close to admitting that they liked Verizon Up was because of the free gift cards and device dollars, neither of which have returned.

OK, so what else is there? You still have chance to grab presale tickets and attempt to snag the limited quantities of things like movie tickets that are a timed release. I’ve never scored in those timed-limited things, so good luck there.

And that’s it. Verizon Up is a re-launch of Verizon Up after Verizon stripped the best parts of it.

You can access Verizon Up in the My Verizon app.


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