Twin Cities Business unveils redesign

Twin Cities Business magazine has introduced a redesign to the publication.

Editor in chief Allison Kaplan writes, “Every font, dash, quote, and illustration on these pages is the result of hours of consideration and debate. You might not notice many of the updates—that, too, is by design. If you spend some extra time with the magazine, display it a while longer on the coffee table, or share it with a colleague, then we’re doing our job. Our new look is the reflection of deeper, internal work—an exercise vital to any team. This process pushed us to consider our priorities. It forced us to think about the purpose of a print publication in 2022: no longer the only product we produce, but rather the cornerstone of a content constellation—website, newsletterspanel discussionsawardsevents, podcasts, social media—designed to keep you informed and connected with our multidimensional business community and to dive deeper than the headlines for context, opportunities, and solutions.”

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