Team XO IGL Sensei speaks about BGMS and beyond, Exclusive

Deepak “SENSEI” Negi is one of the best IGL in the BGMI esports scene. Being an IGL of a team isn’t easy…

Deepak “SENSEI” Negi is one of the best IGL in the BGMI esports scene. Being an IGL of a team isn’t easy for anyone, but his effortless skill in this role is quite admirable. His team, TEAM XO, became the winner of the league stage of the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series, an offline tournament organized by NODWIN Gaming. SENSEI got candid in an exclusive interview with InsideSport recently, where he spoke about team’s aim to win the event, among other things. For more such interesting updates about BGMI pros, keep following InsideSport.IN.

Your team finished the league stage in a comfortable position on the overall leaderboard. Will you be able to keep up the momentum in the grand finals or is the pressure kicking in?

Actually, we are confident enough as we have played very well in the league stage matches. We are confident about our approach for the upcoming grand finals of the BGMI Masters Series hosted by Nodwin Gaming. I can say that we will do something great in the BGMS grand finals.

Was the three chicken dinners record something that team was targeting or just happened with the winning momentum?

Actually, we were not planning it, we just focused on our normal games. We were just aiming for the win in each match. We just played normally and the matches went well for us.

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Krafton is set to host a BGMI LAN event with seeding to the PMWI 2022 After Party Showdown. How is the team preparing for that?

We came to know about this only a few days ago, so I think we are prepared. We lost the chance in BMPS Season 1. We will come back stronger and perform better in that tournament. It is a second chance for us. It will be a comeback from us.

Which team is the biggest hurdle in this tournament?

In the BGMI Masters series? It is us only, because we commit mistakes now and then. But there is no team here which can be challenging for us.

A LAN Tournament without a live audience. Does it take pressure off or does it not make any difference?

To be honest, I haven’t played the LAN with the audience. This is my second LAN event where the first one had also taken place without a live audience. So, I can’t tell you about the pressure thing.

There is a saying if the IGL died early in the match, it is good for the team. Do you agree with that or do you not?

Obviously, it is right because I am the guy who dies first. So it works for me, but I can’t say the same for other teams. Don’t tell my teammates, I don’t think it works! (laughs)

How do you feel esports has grown in India; is this the pinnacle or there is more left to achieve?

I think, there is more to come. We will be playing in the stadium in the upcoming years. It will be a great journey for all players and for the ecosystem of esports.

Team XO will be participating in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series Grand Finals starting tomorrow. The top 16 teams from the league stage will battle in the five-day-long grand finals for a big chunk of the 75,00,000 INR prize pool. All the matches will be live-streamed on the Star Sports, Loco, and Glance app from 8 pm onwards.

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