February 2023

Team SOUL: “Our hunger to win and the desire to dominate will never fade”- Soul Omega speaks exclusively to Insidesport after BMPS win


Team Soul might have missed out on the first Battlegrounds Mobile India LAN event, NODWIN Loco All-Stars Invitational, but Team Soul has managed to bounce back in full force. They showed an amazing performance through the BMOC 2022 Round 4 where a lot of top-tier Battlegrounds Mobile India teams faltered. In the end, Team Soul clearly stamped their authority and secured the title of BMPS Season 1 in style.

Led by Sahil Jhakar (Soul Omega), Team Soul exhibited brilliant gameplay, showcasing spectacular skills and coordination. They got invited to the upcoming PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022. Omega shares tidbits from his BMPS Season 1 experience and expectations from PMWI 2022 with Vivek Singh of Insidesport in this exclusive piece.

Q1. How does it feel to win the biggest BGMI tournament in India?

Omega: It feels absolutely amazing to win such a title for ourselves and our supporters. It’s a gift from us to our mentors who trusted us with this name and responsibility. It’s just a start for us, there’s a long way to go and we’ll make sure we won’t let anyone down in the future.

Q2. What amount of credit is reserved for the IGL after such an emphatic win?

Omega: IGL is an important term but this game consists of 4 players and credit is reserved for every one of them. Without my team’s support, it wouldn’t be possible. Just like a wise man say, United we are something, divided we are nothing. It’s a team win and this team ain’t gonna stop.

Q3. What is the plan to keep Soul’s consistency strong going forward?

Omega: There’s nothing like a plan, it’s more like a mantra to us. Continuous hard work and dedication will definitely help you to move forward & my team truly believes in it. We have already started grinding for the upcoming challenges and we’ll be doing the same.

Q4. Best moment from BMPS Season 1?

Omega: It was the final match of day 4, where Mortal & Viper Bhai played alongside Hector and Goblin, while Thug Bhai, Sid Bhai, and others were just waiting for the final moment to celebrate the victory. Well, that was the moment millions of fans were waiting to experience.

Q5. What are your expectations from PMWI and how are you going to approach it?

Omega: The grind didn’t stop. We know a bigger stage is waiting for us & keeping up with the confidence my team built, we are ready to do everything in our power to make our country proud and sail our Indian flag high.

Q6. What are your expectations from BGIS Season 2 and how are you going to approach it?

Omega: As I said, with the confidence my team built, our hunger to win and the desire to dominate will never fade. We are definitely going to improve ourselves, work on our strategies, and will stay consistent with our performance.

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