Sykkuno accidentally ‘leaks’ 100 Thieves Miyoung on livestream

Sykkuno ‘leaks’ 100 Thieves Miyoung- During a recent Fall Guys livestream with Miyoung, Fuslie, and Valkyrae, Sykkuno accidentally ‘leaked’ 100 Thieves Miyoung. The streaers were having a conversation about healthcare when Sykkuno made the apparent leak. For more esports and entertainment news, keep following InsideSport.IN

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100 Thieves is one of the most popular esports organizations in the community currently, so Miyoung being a part of the organization would have indeed been some very shocking news. Valkyrae is one of the co-owners of 100 Thieves, while Leslie ‘fuslie’ Fu is one of its most popular members.

Sykkuno accidentally ‘reveals’ 100 Thieves Miyoung on livestream

Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Leslie, and Miyoung are often seen on livestream together. In fact, the four streamers are also known to share a house together, and are quite close to each other. Their livestreams together are quite entertaining to watch, since the streamers get quite candid with each other.

On a recent Fall Guys livestream, Valkyrae revealed that she had never broken a bone before, and would like to do so at least once, simply for the experience of it.

“I don’t want to break a bone, but if it happens, it’s like, the experience, you know.”

Miyoung chimed into the conversation, sounding stunned that Valkyrae would want to experience such a thing, especially given the state of their health care.

In response to this, Sykkuno sounded even more startled at the idea that Valkyrae and Miyoung had healthcare in the first place. He revealed that he did not have healthcare, and went on to question if theirs was something that was provided by 100 Thieves.

“Is that a 100 Thieves thing?”

While none of the streamers paid much heed to the statement at first, they began joking about the issue when fans in Valkyrae’s chat started referring to Miyoung as 100 Thieves Miyoung. Valkyrae and Fuslie jumped at the opportunity to tease Sykkuno, asking him why he would leak “100 Thieves Miyoung.”

Sykkuno, too, joined in on the joke and went on to say,

“What if I make it up by leaking myself as well?”

While it would be interesting to see the kind of content the streamers came up with if Sykkuno and Miyoung really were signed with 100 Thieves, fans will have to wait for this to come true. As of now, both Sykkuno and Miyoung are independent streamers who are not associated with any esports organization.

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