Seven-year-old Indian gaming influencer VivOne officially joins Godlike Esports

Battlegrounds Mobile India celebrated its first anniversary recently. The game has boosted the esports and streaming industry in India. The game has attracted a much younger audience as well, and VivOne is one of the youngest Indian gaming influencers who play and stream the game. A recent announcement by Godlike Esports revealed that seven-year-old gamer VivOne has officially joined the organization. Read on for more information about the seven-year-old gaming influencer. For future updates of BGMI follow InsideSport.IN

VivOne joins Godlike Esports

Akarsh Chaudhary aka VivOne, is one of the youngest gamers and streamers in India. The seven-year-old gamer has a schedule like every other kid, that includes school homework, playing with friends, and swimming lessons. But there is just one thing that is different about his daily schedule, he spends three hours daily playing games online. He plays Battlegrounds Mobile India, VALORANT, CoD Mobile, Pokemon Unite, and other games.

He streams regularly on his YouTube channel and Rooter app under his mother’s guidance. Akarsh currently has 387K subscribers on his Youtube channel. He also streams on Rooter, an Indian gaming streaming platform. Furthermore, he recently took part in the streamers showdown by UE.

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VivOne’s Instagram Account got suspended after the announcement

A few hours after the announcement, VivOne’s Instagram account was no longer discoverable. His mother posted a story on her Instagram account a while later, where she addressed the issue.

She wrote, 

“Guys @vivonegamer Insta account is suspended due to age restriction. Seems like, the Instagram team just got to know about him after 2 years. Someone helped them just now by complaints. Or it may be love from Godlike Esports and their fans who gave this much attention to his account. Chill his account will be back soon.”

Godlike Esports reveals the new Mumbai Bootcamp 

Godlike Esports made the announcement of signing VivOne the day after the BootCamp reveal.

GodLike Esports has built one of the biggest gaming houses and bootcamps in Mumbai. The organization has been teasing the new bootcamp for the last few days, with players and content creators claiming that it is the biggest gaming facility in India. For future updates on Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI follow InsideSport.IN

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