‘Pauly D’ Feature Coming to Your Pixel Phone

Google is reported to be bringing additional features to the Pixel lineup’s At a Glance home screen feature. Just earlier this week, it was discovered that users will soon gain access to cross-device timers, which was already sweet news. Now, it’s being detailed that the status of your rideshare app is also coming, as well as your food delivery. This week just keeps on giving.

Stumbled upon by 9to5Google in the latest Android System Intelligence, part of the brains for At a Glance, strings of code point directly to the coming support of rideshare services and food delivery. As for which services, it appears that Lyft and Uber may be supported at launch for the rideshare portion, while DoorDash is the only food delivery option available. All of the particulars could change ahead of launch, though.

We aren’t yet sure when Pixel devices will get access to these new features, but typically, Google bundles these sorts of changes into Feature Drops.

This is a feature I’m glad that Google continues to improve.

// 9to5Google

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