December 2022

NODWIN Gaming plans to host 12 to 15 LANs a year, confirmed by its global head Nimish Raut

NODWIN Gaming has been pushing all boundaries in the Indian esports landscape as it continues to bring bigger championships and prize pools for the mobile as well as the PC gaming community. From the Valorant Conqueres Series to the recently announced BGMI Masters Series with a prize pool of INR 1.5 Crore, the esports tournament organizer isn’t halting anytime soon. In a recent interview with AFK Gaming, Nimish Raut, the global head of NODWIN Gaming, has revealed that the company has some massive plans ahead as it plans to host at least one esports event every month in the following competitive seasons. Star Sports, Indian Esports Business,

The exclusive interview touches upon various topics as the former Fnatic India head reveals that NODWIN Gaming has already built a 20,000 sq. feet gaming studio dedicatedly built for esports. Raut expressed his desire and satisfaction to see a such a space built exclusively for esports come to life, giving the sport the same stage alongside the popular physical sports in the country like cricket.

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“It’s 20K square feet with the potential to extend by another 20K square feet. When was the last time you heard somebody say that they have 40K square feet dedicated only for esports? Only Nodwin could do something like this. I don’t see anybody else believing in esports the way we do” Raut Shared.

The upcoming BGMI Masters Series will be held there with all the production word managed under the same roof. “Unfortunately, this time around, there will be no live audience because we still want to make sure that we are within the COVID protocols and within a bubble. We just want to get it right this time around” shared Raut confirming that this will be another closed-door LAN event this year.

Moving on to further details about his passion project Raut revealed “We want to do one big LAN every month. The idea is that NODWIN will produce 12 to 15 LANs a year. For any other sport, for example, when you want to play a cricket game, what do you do if you’re the BCCI today? You have like what, 40 stadiums to choose from? Indian esports doesn’t even have one stadium. I’m not saying that this studio we’re building is a stadium but it’s definitely a start. Today it’s a studio, tomorrow it could be a stadium! We don’t need a cricket stadium to do esports events. We build our own stadiums”.

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With a biggest-ever prize pool ever featured for a third-party BGMI esports tournament along with a first-time live television broadcast, there’s a lot riding on this for NODWIN as well as the entire Indian gaming community. BGMI Masters Series goes live on 24th June on Star Sports 2.

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