New Weapons, Legendary Skins, Season Name?

COD Mobile’s inflow of latest leaks never ceases to amaze us. With COD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision at midway, we already have their eyes on the most desired items that are on their way next season. Yes, we are talking about the lucky draws coming next month in the game. Currently, there are six confirmed ones that we are covering in this article along with two new guns making their way to the global servers next season. Give this a read to know all the leaked items. COD Mobile Season 6 Lucky Draws, Call of Duty, CODM Season 6 Leaks, Season 6 Hot Shot

According to the information in the in-game files, the new season will probably be called Hot Shot. However, this is not yet confirmed and it may change before its release. Furthermore, the developers also haven’t announced an official release date for season 6 yet, but you can still guess when the new season will start by looking at the countdown in the current Battle Pass, which indicates that the next season kicks off around the start of July.

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The new weapons coming in season 6

Now, as for the updates, new changes in Battle Royale, new Perks and new modes have been found. It is assumed that the other two weapons in the test server will probably appear in the next season. The first weapon is an SMG, known from Call of Duty Cold War. The popular KSP 45 was found in a test server and will be available next season. The KSP 45 is a three-round burst submachine gun that deals high damage with moderate range. Its burst fire spread is less efficient at long range. The firing mechanism combined with extremely high damage output and low recoil means the KSP excels in most close-range scenarios.

KSP45 - Call of Duty
KSP45 (Image via Call of Duty)

The second weapon found in the expired test server that will most likely be added in season 6 is a fully automatic machine pistol called LCAR9, known from COD: Black Ops 3. If this weapon is added, this machine pistol will be the first fully automatic one in Call of Duty Mobile. The Lcar9 is a machine pistol designed that functions as a secondary sidearm with extremely high mobility, making it easier for you to clutch your way out of tough corners while you are on reload.

LCAR9 in COD Mobile
LCAR9 in COD Mobile

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Lucky Draws leaked for COD mobile’s next season: COD Mobile Season 6 Lucky Draws

As for the lucky draws, there’s a Mythic weapon which will finally return in the new season. The Mythic Peacekeeper – Magma will appear in the game once more since its release in January last year –  Winter War. But there are a lot more fascinating new skins making their way in including legendary skins of KRM shotgun, along with LK24 and M13 Assualt Rifles. Have a look at the leak in the tweet below.

The lucky draws will introduce mostly legendary items of the guns. So that means, players will also be able to unlock the KSP 45 and LCAR9 by purchasing these skins. Stay tuned to InsideSport for an exclusive look at these skins before its global launch.

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