Nest WiFi Pro is Coming

Last month, an unreleased Nest WiFi variant sporting WiFi 6E was spotted going through the FCC. That same device has now popped up on a retailer’s website, along with a starting price of $199. Things are happenings now.

Seen on B&H Photo, the price for a single point is that $199, but it bumps to $299 for a 2-pack and $399 for the 3-pack. Colors are shown to include Snow (white), Linen (light brown), Fog (light blue), and Lemongrass (light yellow/green), which aligns nicely with colors we have for other current Google products. Besides those colors, we have no idea what the actual Nest WiFi Pro looks like.

The only other details we think we know is the support for Google Assistant, as well as the absence of specific “point” units. The retail listings don’t mention points, meaning there’s no difference between units within a pack of Nest WiFi Pro.

With a retailer jumping the gun, it seems as though we might be getting close to a launch. Maybe around the Pixel 7 announcement? We shall see.

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