December 2022

MrBeast and Ninja custom $150,000 LoL tournament

MrBeast and Ninja $150,000 LoL tournament- Two of the biggest content creators on the internet, MrBeast, and Ninja announced they’ll be going head to head in a $150,000 League of Legends tournament, which has been tabled for July 9, 2022. From where it takes place to how you can watch, here’s all there is to know about what’s being dubbed the “ultimate matchup.” Keep following InsideSport.IN for more updates on the same.

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Over the last few days, MrBeast and Ninja have been engaging in banter on Twitter, with the former claiming that the Fortnite prodigy “sucks.” However, Ninja isn’t one to back down from a fight and that’s precisely what he did. Ninja retorted by claiming that MrBeast is one of the worst LoL players that he has come across and asserted that he would dominate MrBeast in a 1v1 or a 5v5 situation in LoL.

MrBeast vs Ninja LoL Ultimate Crown event: Streams & Schedule

MrBeast and Ninja will soon compete for $150,000 in a unique League of Legends event, pitting two of the largest content creators against one another.

The ‘ultimate showdown’ will take place at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, with each content creator leading their own army into battle.

We have a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know if you want to tune in and see these titans settle their dispute on Summoner’s Rift.

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This $150K LoL tournament is scheduled to be staged on an equitable playing field through the Crown Channel because both personalities have their own substantial platforms.

MrBeast and Ninja set to lock horns s in a whopping $150,000 LoL tournament: How to watch, schedule, and more (Image via Insidesport)

Speaking of which, the MrBeast vs Ninja Ultimate Crown tournament is scheduled to begin on Saturday, July 9 at 4 PM Pacific Time. The event is scheduled to last three hours, but depending on the outcome, it could go longer.

Format of the MrBeast vs Ninja LoL event

The $150K Ultimate Crown tournament features a typical best of three format, as MrBeast made clear in his own statement. To win the game overall, either creator must guide their team to two map victories.

Although MrBeast and Ninja will both serve as captains, it is presently unknown who else might compete for $150K with them. However, it’s a sure bet that we’ll see a lot of other well-known figures join in the action given the size of the competition.

Incidentally, fans of the two creators have been on tenterhooks for the last few days and while the possibility of such a monstrous event was clouded in mystery, the buildup indeed has the fans on the edge of their seats.

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