May 2023

Le Tikehau : An idyllic escape at the lagoon at the end of the world in Tikehau, French Polynesia


This time for our 2 week trip in Tahiti we split it across 4 different islands across the Society and Tuamotu atoll. Our third island of the trip was Tikehau in the Tuamotu archipalego. This was our first time venturing to the Tuamotus and we couldn’t think of a better place to start there than Tikehau – one of the most beautiful atolls of the Tuamotu archipelago. It is the coral-covered crown of an ancient, 65-million years submarine volcano.

Its white and pink sand islets, fringed with coconut trees, shape a 177 square-mile lagoon that opens onto the ocean through a single pass, which is why it is one of the most marine rich atolls in the world! Tikehau has only around 500 inhabitants, making a living from coprah, tourism and pearl farming.

In the language of the Tuamotu, Tikehau means “peaceful landing,” or “seeking peace.” That is the exact feeling experienced by visitors, who come here looking for preserved nature, a life paced by the elements, and the simple joys of exchanging with the people who protect the atoll’s beauty and keep its traditions alive.

About Le Tikehau and getting here

Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts is an authentic Polynesian sanctuary, located in an unspoiled natural setting of a private coral islet. To get here you will have to take a domestic flight via Air Tahiti to get to Tikehau airport, from where the resort will take you on a dreamy 15 minute boat ride to Motu Tiano – the motu on which the resort is located. 

Cutest airport at Tikehau!

Arriving at Le Tikehau

The location of Le Tikehau is absolutely unreal – remote, untouched and so picturesque! Its easily one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to. Pink sand beach, wild coconut groves, a beautiful tropical garden and the most gorgeous lagoon at the end of the world make this an idyllic escape like no other.



The resort has 37 suites and bungalows across the property. There were both overwater villas on the turquoise lagoon as well as beach villas on the pink sand beach. Thats a hard choice to choose from, dont you think! But this time we opted to stay in one of their beautiful beach bungalows. Each of them is built in traditional Polynesian style using natural materials such as bamboo and teak, as well as niau (weaved coconut palm fronds), the islands’ symbolic material.

Our cozy Beach Bungalow had a spacious bedroom with an indoor/outdoor bathroom area and a private deck with direct beach access. Loved spending our afternoons on our deck and catching the sunsets from our own hammock while enjoying these stunning lagoon views.

Outside out Beach Bungalow

If you choose to stay in one of their Overwater villas you will have direct access to the beautiful coral gardens right below the villas! the corals were so vivid and marine life was so colorful that we could even see it while walking on the pathway to the overwater villas.

Overwater bungalows


In and around the Resort

Le Tikehau is one of the only boutique resorts in the Tuamotus. It felt so serene and intimate around the property and it was so easy to feel one with nature here. I love that the resort still manages to retain the authentic island charm while offering the best boutique luxury in all of Tikehau.

Main beach area

We loved exploring in and around the unspoiled motu Tiano, as well as venturing out to nearby motus. The seascape of Tikehau is so unique – with the still lagoon being so shallow and motus lying so close to one another you can explore all around the resort on foot or by kayak , finding your own deserted islands, dreamy sandbars and lagoon pools.

Magical sunsets in Tikehau!

and an even more magical night sky!


The main area of the resort has one bar and one restaurant on property.  The Tianoa Bar and the Poreho Restaurant offer tropical cocktails and exquisite, island-inspired cuisine. The restaurant and its open deck give has beautiful unrestricted views of the lagoon. and offers food inspired by Polynesian and European flavors, drawing the best from fresh local products. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. We especially loved their delicious seafood, homemade bread and yummy desserts here every night.



Pool area

Relaxation and meditation, or discovery and activities – you can choose however you like to spend your time in paradise. On property there is so much to do from spending an afternoon at the pool or renting kayaks to explore the pristine lagoon or going snorkeling in the rich coral gardens in the lagoon around the property. There is also a spa, badminton court, volleyball and pool table on property.

Sandbar hopping around the motus near Le Tikehau

The stillness of the lagoon is unreal!

Postcard perfect views at every corner

What I also loved about Le Tikehau is that you could even choose to spend your entire stay at the resort and still have so much to do! As I had mentioned above one of our favorite activities was adventuring around the nearby motus on foot – we were shocked at how pristine and unspoiled these motus were! The sense of privacy we had here was seriously unreal, Anush and I were literally the only ones around for miles besides from the fish or occasional reef sharks! It truly was so magical and one of my favorite memories from our entire trip.

Beyond the resort there is so much to do in Tikehau! This is a divers paradise being one of the most marine rich atolls worldwide. Aside from diving – fishing and lagoon tours are also popular. We did a full day lagoon tour with Hititemanava Lagoon Excursions and  it was absolutely incredible! From snorkeling with manta rays, to exploring Puarua (bird island of Tikehau), to eating a delicious local lunch in a fisherman’s village, to discovering more unspoiled motus – this is a tour to not miss out on if you ever visit Tikehau. More details about the tour in my blog post here.



Our time in Tikehau was without a doubt our favorite part of our entire trip to Tahiti! If you crave remote secluded untouched tropical islands like we do you need to add Le Tikehau to your bucketlist stat. Perfect for a honeymoon, dreamy island getaway or family vacation too. Its the ideal paradise to disconnect from the world or connect with nature at the lagoon at the end of the world.


Thank you to Le Tikehau by Pearl resorts for hosting us on our recent trip to Tahiti. Thank you to Tahiti Tourisme and Air Tahiti for sponsoring our trip to Tikehau As always all thoughts and opinions are mine.


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