Krafton announces changes to Expired Crate Tickets

Krafton recently took to social media to announce a change in the policy of expired Crate Tickets in PUBG New State Mobile. Previously, Crate Tickets that had not been used in time and got expired, were converted into Chicken Medals. This feature was introduced back in the February update. However, the policy has been changed once again to maintain the balance of in-game currency. For future updates of New State Mobile follow InsideSport.IN

PUBG New State Mobile: Krafton announces upcoming change to Expired Crate Tickets with July Updae
PUBG New State Mobile (Image via Krafton)

Upcoming change to Expired Crate Tickets

The expired Crate Tickets had been converting into Chicken Medals since the February Update in PUBG New State Mobile. To maintain the balance of in-game currency and encourage gamers to use the Crate Tickets on time, Krafton will no longer convert expired Crate Tickets into Chicken Medals, starting with the July update.

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Once the July update goes live in New State Mobile, the conversion will be deactivated, and expired Crate Tickets will remain in players’ inventory. As in the past, Crates might return in the future, but there is no guarantee of that. Therefore, it will be most beneficial for players to use their Crate Tickets before they expire.

This is all that is known about the updated policy about PUBG New State Mobile Crate Tickets so far.

PUBG New State Mobile Crashes in iOS 16 Beta

Krafton has identified issues for iOS device users, where players who have upgraded to iOS 16 Beta cannot play the game normally. It has been confirmed by developers that this issue is occurring because of iOS16 Beta. The iOS16 version is not officially released, it is currently in Beta testing which causing compatibility issues with New State Mobile.

If you wish to prevent the crashing issue in New State Mobile and continue with the game, Krafton recommended not upgrading to the iOS 16 Beta version until they bring a solution to fix the crashing issue. Krafton apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks to players for their patience as they continuously work to make the Battlegrounds better!

For New State Mobile latest updates follow InsideSport.IN.

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