Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral speaks exclusively to Insidesport

Jonathan is one of the foremost figures in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports scene. He has set the bar extremely high for all Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players. Being at the top of the game isn’t easy for anyone, but his ability to do so with ease is quite admirable.

Currently, he is competing in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) where he won the Damager award in Week 1. But in Week 2, Godlike Esports is struggling in all matches. The team has been stationed at the bottom rankings for quite some time.

Jonathan got candid in a recent exclusive interview with InsideSport, where he shared his thoughts on the team’s bad performance, pressure in-game, and more.

"Being telecasted on the Tv will boost the BGMI esports scenario in India", Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral
Jonathan at BGMI Masters Series (Image via Nodwin Gaming)

How does LAN feel after the pandemic?

It’s a great feeling. This is the first time an esports event is being broadcasted on television. So it is a really great thing and people who were not aware of esports earlier will now get to know what this scene is. I am really happy to be part of this.

A LAN tournament without a live audience. Does it take the pressure off or doesn’t make any difference?

It doesn’t matter if the audience is there or not. If there is an audience in the arena it is better for me. It makes a good environment when my fans are cheering for me. So I feel much more comfortable when fans are around me. Both situations are equal for me.

"Being telecasted on the TV will boost the BGMI esports scenario in India", Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral
Jonathan at BGMS (Image credit Nodwin Gaming)

How much pressure is on you to win after the Week 1 performance?

There is no pressure, but I can say that my main focus is to win the trophy of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series.

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How do you feel esports has grown in India? Is this the pinnacle or is there more left to achieve?

You can say that esports is going to grow much more. This is just the initial phase of it. Being telecasted on the TV, it’s really a great thing and it will boost the BGMI and the whole esports scenario in India.

If not BGMI, what other game would you like to go pro in?

I keep playing different games for fun like Call of Duty Mobile, VALORANT, and many more. Battlegrounds Mobile India is my world now, so I would like to go pro in BGMI only.

Shed some light on the recent GODL vs TSM controversy.

On that matter, I won’t tell you anything because it is a hot topic. You need to wait for the official announcement on the matter.

Is there any tension between the teams with Shadow in your squad now?

No, not really. Shadow is a good person. I have never spoken to Shadow previously. He is joining the team; it has given moral and confidence boost to the entire team.

Which team is the biggest problem for you in BGMI Masters Series?

There is no team which will be a problem for us in BGMS. We are going to be a threat to everyone. If we are in the last circle then it will be a problem for the other teams.

"Being telecasted on the Tv will boost the BGMI esports scenario in India", Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral
Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (Image via Nodwin Gaming)

BGMI Masters Series 2022 is being live-streamed on Star Sports 2, Loco, and Glance Live daily between 8.00 pm to 10.30 pm till 17th July. The tournament is also being broadcasted in Hindi, Tamil & English.

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