Hideo Kojima falsely accused of assassination, Kojima Productions to take legal action

The assassination of Shinjo Abe took place in Japan, but the tremors of the shocking incident were felt across the globe. World…

The assassination of Shinjo Abe took place in Japan, but the tremors of the shocking incident were felt across the globe. World politics has been shaken by the sudden demise of the leader and it seems it will take some time to get over such an incident. Shockingly, one of the biggest gaming productions in Japan, Hideo Kojima has been falsely dragged into the issue. Following this, Kojima Productions has vowed to seek legal action soon. For more news related to the esports industry, follow InsideSport.IN

Shinzo Abe was one of the most influential world leaders in the 21st century. The former Prime Minister of Japan holds several diplomatic records to his name. The most popular one claims him to be the one with the most number of years as the supreme head of the nation. Records aside, he was one of the many reasons behind Japan’s meteoric rise in global economy and development. Needless to state, his sudden demise is a great blow to the country.

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Kojima Productions condemns the false accusations against Hideo Kojima

Kojima Productions is globally known for the Metal Gear series. However, the developers found themselves in the headlines for the wrong reasons altogether. Their founder Hideo Kojima has been wrongly accused of being the one behind Shinjo Abe’s assassination. The organization has released a public statement condemning the false reports.

Kojima Productions has also threatened to take legal action in this matter. As the situation stands, the gaming developers want to clear their and Hideo’s reputations before the situation gets worse.

The misinformation regarding Hideo Kojima being the face behind the assassination did not confine to the boundary of Japan. The news was spread across the world and received strong responses from several sources. One such incident took place in France and involved extreme right-winged leader Damien Rieu.


The French diplomat picked up the misinformation and did not bother to authenticate it. He openly wrote on Twitter that the developer who was ideologically leftist was the one who killed the Japanese Prime Minister. However, he was quick to delete it as soon as it was found out that the suspect was Tetsuya Yamagami and not Hideo Kojima.

It is certain that a piece of false information created such a widespread debacle. Kojima Productions has taken a step in the right direction by deciding to involve legal action in this matter. It should also be an exemplary situation for gamers as they should refrain from spreading any piece of information without a proper fact check.

For more news related to the esports industry, follow InsideSport.IN.

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