December 2022

GODLIKE accused of poaching SHADOW from TSM, Official statements and controversy explained

TSM- GODLIKE controversy: GODLIKE accused of poaching SHADOW from TSM, Official statements and controversy explained– The past 24 hours have not been kind to the BGMI teams of TSM and GODLIKE. Two teams who are set to participate in the upcoming LAN and online tournaments for the mobile title have gotten ugly at each other on Twitter. TSM has accused GODLIKE of signing one of their players from their Indian BGMI line-up, without informing or any official communication. For future updates on BGMI and related events follow InsideSport.IN.

TSM Shadow, the player in the middle of the entire controversy, has also spoken out on the issue. He has personally called out TSM for harassment and a toxic environment which were his reasons for quitting the organization.

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TSM has also replied with an official statement that outlined that Shadow was not mistreated. The organization believes Shadow has made false claims because he was benched from the team. Furthermore, TSM claims that GODLIKE is not looking to loan SHadow in a legal manner, but to secure him for free by dealing under the wraps.

GODLIKE Ghatak took to Twitter a couple of days ago to ridicule TSM for calling them out on Twitter and not taking legal steps to resolve the matter.

GODLIKE has also issued official notices on the matter. They claim Shadow was not bound to TSM when he was signed by GODLIKE. Based on GODLIKE’s official post, Shadow had already forwarded his termination letter. Therefore, GODLIKE was not required to inform TSM about the signing because he was acting as an independent entity.

Jeff Chau, the Director for TSM Mobile Gaming, has spoken publicly on the issue. He has also confirmed that TSM is taking legal action on the issue and will update the community on the proceedings soon.

GODLIKE has not taken down the official post of Shadow’s signing and the player is expected to represent the team in the upcoming BGMI LAN tournament hosted by NODWIN Gaming.

More intel on the situation is expected in the upcoming days.

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