Galaxy S22 in Bora Purple is That Heat

Galaxy S22. It’s a great device, but my main issue with it was the fact that it never came in a Bora Purple. At last, Samsung heard my loud complaints and the device will soon be available in a Bora Purple colorway via Samsung and all major US carriers! This is fantastic news, people.

This is the same exact Galaxy S22 we all know and enjoy. It has an amazing compact design with exceptional hardware and top notch specs, but again, now it’s in Bora Purple. Interestingly, “Bora” means purple in Korean. So if you want to have fun, we can call it Purple-Purple or even Purp-Purp for short. Bora Purple sounds like a strain you’d get at the marijuana shops, and to be honest, I like the ring it has.

*waves hand like Jedi* You want the Bora Purple. You will buy Bora Purple on August 10 via Samsung and all major US retailers.

We’ll remind you when it’s live.

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