Dhruv ‘Sangwan’ Sangwan opens up exclusively for InsideSport

The past few years have been phenomenal for the Indian Esports sector. Several gamers have found their way to success and are now prominent names in the industry. One such gamer is Sangwan. He is most commonly known for his calm and composed attitude. He is even known for changing the tides of a match from difficult situations with seer determination and patience. For more exclusive news regarding BGMI, follow InsideSport.IN

Currently, Sangwan is representing his faction Rivalry Esports in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS). The team struggled in the first week of action and was placed in the last position. However, they have pulled out significantly and have been performing quite well in Week 2 Qualifiers.

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Sangwan took a break from the continuous gaming action and got into an exclusive interview with InsideSport. He was wide open with his thoughts and spoke about the event, the future of Esports in India, and more.

How does LAN feel after the pandemic?

My experience as a gamer representing my team in previous LAN events was quite good. In fact, I was looking forward to getting into more LAN events and getting some good results. But then the pandemic happened and every other event had to be canceled or postponed indefinitely. So coming back to action after such a long time is indeed a wonderful experience. LAN has grown bigger and better and Star Sports is telecasting the event. So in the back of my mind, I was quite determined to be here and participate.

A LAN tournament without live audience. Does it take the pressure off, or it does not make any difference?

Having a live audience is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. The atmosphere of the event changes altogether with the presence of a live audience. However, it is nerve-wracking at the same time. See, the audience comes to these events to enjoy and root for their favorite teams. So hearing them cheer from the stands gives goosebumps for sure. But it also adds to the challenge to keep your focus and concentrate on your game.

How much pressure is on you to win after your first week’s performance?

See there’s no pressure as such as of now. It was the first week of the event so we held back and observed how others were playing the game. So yeah, now we’ll bounce back. I’m not sure about winning or not. But we’ll bounce back.

If not BGMI, then what game would you like to go pro in?

It won’t be Esports. I’d rather play basketball, to be honest. I’m a sportsperson.

How do you feel Esports has grown in India? Is this the pinnacle or is there more to achieve?

See Esports in India has just started to boom now. I think it’s just the beginning. I think after 2-3 years down the lane, we’ll be much better off and we’ll be having bigger prize pools and podcasts and everything. I think it’s gonna be much bigger than what it is today.

Which team is the biggest problem for you in BGMS?

You cannot underestimate any team right now. Every team is playing exceptionally and giving a tough fight. Certainly, there are underdogs but they have been playing really well. But if you ask to pick one team, then I’ll say it’s SOUL. They are too consistent, and their IGL, Omega is doing really well, Goblin the assaulter is also playing extremely well.

BGMI Masters Series 2022, hosted by Nodwin Gaming is being telecasted by Star Sports 2, Loco, and Glance Live. BGMI and Esports fans can catch them in action daily between 8 PM to 10:30 PM till July 17th.

For more exclusive news regarding BGMI, follow InsideSport.IN

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