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Cam Woolley joins Diamond and Diamond Lawyers as new Safety Ambassador

  • Tuesday, 07 June 2022

Diamond and Diamond Lawyers are pleased to announce the addition of beloved media personality, Cam Woolley, to our team.

As of today, Woolley has been hired as the firm’s new Safety Ambassador. As a former traffic (and safety) reporter for CP24 Television and a former police officer, Cam has considerable experience with the many aspects of road safety.

Under his new role, Woolley will be appearing regularly across Diamond and Diamond’s media and social channels, including our Cars and Courts series. He will be sharing anecdotes along with tips to stay safe, especially when it comes to the operation of motor vehicles.

Cam will also be actively working as a fresh set of eyes to examine the thousands of case reports at our firm that involve motor vehicle accidents.

We are pleased to welcome Cam Woolley to our expanding team as we continue to build stronger social bonds within our local communities.

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