BabyJ shares a crazy story of playing games with Ninja

BabyJ shares crazy story of playing games with Ninja- Pro Valorant player BabyJ shot to fame when he was playing as a Halo pro. The player was most recently signed with 100 Thieves. In a recent interview with Jake Lucky, the Valorant pro shared how he ran into Fortnite legend Ninja twice in gaming lobbies, while playing two different game titles. For more information about streamers and entertainment, keep following InsideSport.IN

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Speaking about Ninja as a person, BabyJ stated,

“Hes just an awesome, genuine guy. It’s impossible not to have fun with him.”

BabyJ reveals how he ran into Ninja twice while playing two different games

Hunter “BabyJ” Schline, who is a former Halo pro, revealed how he had ran into Ninja in a game lobby once earlier, where he had a lot of fun playing with the legendary Fortnite player. However, BabyJ soon retired from professional Halo and started working for 343, having made up his mind that he would continue working for the game development company and not pursue professional esports any longer.

“I was working at 343 and I thought, ‘Okay, like this is my life’. I don’t wanna compete in Halo anymore, I’ll work for them and it’s a great job.”

 However, Valorant came along soon after that and BabyJ was enthusiastic to try that out. Therefore, he decided to quit his job and take up Valorant as a full time job. Coincidentally, in his first Valorant gaming lobby, the streamer ran into Ninja, who welcomed him with arms wide open.

“The first day that I informed my boss that I was quitting my job and played Valorant, I got into a lobby with him, Ninja again, and he recognized my voice and went, ‘Hey man, long time no see!’”

He went on to state that they played for the whole day after this exchange and that it was a really fulfilling experience for him. BabyJ was congratulated by a bunch of different people throughout the day, since Ninja’s viewership was immense back in the day, giving BabyJ the amount of exposure he needed.

Ninja has often been known to share very warm experiences with different creators within the gaming community, and this story by BabyJ simply confirms this fact.

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