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5 Tips for Buying Comfortable Outdoor Lounge Chairs

When trying to find comfortable outdoor lounge chairs for your garden or patio, it’s not always obvious what kinds of materials and chair types you should be looking for. From testing out chairs before purchase to opting for ergonomic features over aesthetic designs, this article will go over five tips for selecting the perfect chairs for relaxation and enjoyment in your outdoor spaces.

Consider Material

The material of your outdoor lounge chairs will have a significant impact on their overall comfort and durability. Generally, there are several common materials for outdoor chairs, such as aluminium, teak wood, steel and synthetic rattan. Each material has its own unique benefits and limitations:

  • Aluminium is lightweight and resistant to rust but may not be as sturdy as some other materials.
  • Teak wood offers natural beauty but requires regular maintenance to prevent weathering.
  • Steel is heavy-duty but can be prone to rust if not covered or brought inside when not being used.
  • Synthetic rattan provides an elegant look with low maintenance needs but may not be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

With these drawbacks and benefits in mind, you should choose the material that best suits your preferences regarding style, comfort level and desired level of upkeep.

Test Out Different Seating Styles

It’s important to try out different seating styles before making a decision so you can experience first-hand which style of chair works best for you. Generally, outdoor lounge chairs come in a few common styles:

  • Recliners offer adjustable backrests, allowing users to find their preferred angle of relaxation.
  • Modular pieces provide versatility in how they can be arranged in various seating configurations based on individual preferences or different sizes of social gatherings.
  • Daybeds create an inviting spot for lounging during daytime hours while also serving as a space to nap outdoors.

Visit local furniture showrooms or browse online galleries that showcase various styles so you can make an informed choice about what type of chair will suit your needs best.

Prioritise Ergonomic Features Over Aesthetics

Comfort should always be the top priority when choosing outdoor lounge chairs. Some ergonomic features to be on the lookout for include:

  • Lumbar support –This type of support is designed to help maintain proper spinal alignment by providing lower back support.
  • Contoured seat and backrest – These designs are engineered to follow the natural contours of the body, distributing weight evenly.
  • Adjustable headrests – Outdoor lounge chairs with adjustable headrests eliminate the need for neck pillows and offer additional comfort for extended periods of relaxation.

Assess Weather Resistance

Depending on which region you reside in, fluctuating weather conditions may be particularly harsh, especially during the summer months. To ensure that your outdoor lounge chairs remain comfortable and intact for their entire lifecycle, consider their weather-resistance capabilities. UV-resistant fabrics can prevent fading and degradation from prolonged sun exposure, while quick-drying materials minimise mould growth after rain showers or poolside use. Selecting chairs designed to withstand diverse weather conditions will guarantee long-lasting comfort for years to come.

Factor in Maintenance Requirements

It’s important to take into account how much maintenance each type of outdoor lounge chair requires before making a final purchase decision. Outdoor furniture is exposed to various elements such as dust, dirt and pollen that may require regular cleaning in order for the furniture to maintain its durability and aesthetics. Some low-maintenance furniture features include removable cushion covers for convenient machine washing and non-porous materials like aluminium or synthetic rattan that can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth. Choose outdoor lounge chairs with manageable and realistic maintenance requirements for your needs so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor setting and less time on upkeep.

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5 Tips for Buying Comfortable Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Gianni Kamari